It is a very beautiful place which is situated in Himachal Pradesh. When I visited there, the weather was pleasant. It is also known for its beauty. When you take a deep breath you will smell wet soil. If you take of your footwear and walk on the grass, your body will be relaxed. In Mcleodganj, I stayed for 2 days it rained regularly. If you wanted to visit there you have to buy an umbrella because there rain can come at any time. In the markets of Mcleodganj there is a temple.It is very beautiful. But you cannot click pictures there. From the market you can buy key chains and lucky charms and wall hanging. I also bought a wall hanging and a lucky charm keychain. If you want to go and relax you should visit this place.

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  1. There are some wonderful hikes around the town

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  2. Anne says:

    What a gorgeous photo!! Dry Colorado is in envy.

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  3. Becky Dingle says:

    What fascinating terrain! I wanted to take a moment and thank you for stopping by Chapel of hope stories. Welcome to the family! What an exciting life you lead…please feel free to share your stories with us.
    Have a wondrous day! Becky

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    1. agrimarawat says:

      Thank you and sure 😊


  4. Looks like o beautiful hiking and phot ops for sure!!!!

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  5. Prisha says:

    Good job

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